Atlanta Walkability Improves with Selection by Green Lane Project

green lane projecty

Walkability, the measure of how friendly an environment is to walking, has become a major factor for those seeking to living inside Atlanta’s perimeter, especially in the submarkets of Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown. This week, a new project was revealed that should push Atlanta even further towards its goal of being one of the more walkable urban areas in the US.

The Green Lane Project was created by the group People for Bikes in order to promote and encourage people to trade in their car keys for a bike helmet. The project entails creating a designated, protected lane specifically for those riding bicycles; the program has been incredibly successful in Europe because the protected lane makes riders feel safer, as they are shielded from car traffic. People of Bikes chose Atlanta due in large part to the city’s receptiveness to bicycles, as the city had already planned to start a bike-share program in 2015. The Green Lane Project will provide grants and oversee the construction and design of the new bike lanes. The other cities selected to be part of The Green Lane Project are Boston, Denver, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Seattle.


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