Atlanta: The New Hollywood?

hollywood II

California has long been a Mecca for those seeking fame on screen; in past years, almost every major motion picture was shot in California. But as state taxes and fees on productions drove the cost of shooting movies and TV shows sky-high, executives began searching for new places to film. Georgia, thanks in large part the Governor Nathan Deal, recognized that movie studios were looking outside of California for shooting locations and did a lot to position itself as entertainment-friendly, namely through tax incentives. Since then, major films like Anchorman 2, Dumb and Dumberer, Fast & Furious 7, and The Cell have shot in Georgia. Due to the increasing number of productions underway here in Georgia, the area is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of low-wage workers who have come to Atlanta seeking work on these sets as stunt doubles, make up and set artists, and production assistants.


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