Atlanta Chosen for Deloitte’s New Tech Development Center


Deloittle LLP has announced its plan to develop an “iLab,” a multi-million dollar technology facility where they will develop software programs for the clients. The iLab will generate as many as 400 jobs in the coming years. The development center will be located at 191 Peachtree Street in the Downtown submarket; the lab is expected to take about 26,000 SF.

When company executives were asked why they chose Atlanta for their iLab, they mentioned several reasons. Their first reason was the number of corporate software development facilities that are already located here, including GM, CBS Corp., Infosys, and Elavon. Executives also noted the extreme growth of Atlanta’s tech industry of the past 24 months; dozens and dozens of technology firms have relocated from the west coast to Atlanta over the past few years. Another reason they chose Atlanta is the number of health IT programs being offered around the state – there are currently more than 40 technical schools and college that offer health IT programs. Perhaps the final, and most important, reason for choosing Atlanta is the fact that some of Deloitte’s biggest clients are either headquartered or have large regional facilities in the city. The combination of these factors made choosing Atlanta an easy decision for Deloitte.


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