Atlanta Beltline Updates

beltline II

Despite several major obstacles, the Atlanta Beltline project has been making slow progress throughout the summer. Much like the Atlanta Streetcar project, the Beltline has been plagued with hurdles that ultimately slow progress and many Atlantans are wondering “What’s the point?” Atlanta Beltline officials want to assure us all that there is a point, and that the completion of this project will add a whole new dynamic to intown Atlanta.

In order for Atlanta to remain competitive, the city needs to attract and retain a competitive workforce. An increasing percentage of the workforce is comprised of Millennials, who have expressed their desire to live and work in urban, walkable areas with great connectivity and amenity access. Atlanta has never been considered a very “walkable” city, but the Atlanta Beltline is looking to change that. The 22-mile loop will connect more than 40 intown neighborhoods and reduce the need to travel on surface streets and highways to go around town. The Beltline will also include hundreds of acres of greenspace, another heavy influencer for Millennials. Once the project is able to overcome the densification and growth issues, the Beltline is sure to alleviate in town traffic and generally make Atlanta a more attractive place to live and work.


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