Atlanta Beltine Making Promising Steps Forward


The Atlanta community is excited about the positive steps the Atlanta Beltine has made in recent months. To date, the project has developed more than 200 acres of parks and green space and constructed seven miles of new biking and walking trials. And it seems that the Beltine project has no intention of slowing down its progress.

This week, the board of Atlanta Beltine Inc. released their strategic plan that takes the project through its eventual completion in 2030. The plan provides specific goals and measures through the next five years and more loosely defines the remaining twelve years; the plan also summarizes the progress made during the first seven years of the project. According to the plan, the next five years are going to be some of the most critical for the project; Beltline spokepeople confirm that up to 80% of the 22-mile corridor could be completed by the end of 2017. Another project goal is to own the right-of-way in the entire corridor in the next five years – something that has proven difficult thus far thanks to active rail lines in the northwest quadrant.

Beltline progress has spurred development (and redevelopment) of the areas surrounding the Emerald Circle, as the Beltline has been dubbed. In fact, more than $1 billion of development has been encouraged by the $250 million invested in Beltine construction to date. These areas have seen new construction in housing, retail, and office as developers hope to capitalize on the generation of residents who are expected to gravitate towards the simplicity and convenience the Beltine should ultimately provide.


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