Another Offer on Morris Brown Property


Just two weeks after he announced that the City of Atlanta would not be making an offer on the Morris Brown College property, Mayor Kasim Reed did just that. The city teamed up with Friendship Baptist Church to offer a combined $12.4 million for the property, almost $2.5 million more than the city offered a few months back. Reed said his change of heart came after he realized how important the corridor is to what the city is trying to accomplish and decided he didn’t want the property to fall into the hands of a developer who does not share Reed’s vision for that area of the city.

Morris Brown officials might like this offer more than the last one because it would allow the college a small budget to keep operating, even though the college has less than 50 students enrolled and less than 10 full-time faculty members; this was one of the reasons the city’s offer was rejected last time around. If the proposal is accepted by the school and their creditors, the college will retain two buildings for operation, Friendship Baptist church will gain control of the Morris Brown dorm buildings and the gymnasium, and the city will take the rest.


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