Alpharetta: Metro Atlanta’s Next Start-Up Hub?


Alpharetta is no stranger to tech companies; major industry players like Microsoft and Verizon have been establishing large regional headquarter locations here for years. What Alpharetta is not as used to are the fledgling tech companies looking to establish themselves and grow their brand; Midtown, Buckhead, and Downtown are where we have seen the most start-up activity throughout the years.

The Alpharetta Tech Commission is determined to change that, however. The newly-formed organization was created with seed money from the City of Alpharetta to plan and open a start-up incubator to focus on Alpharetta’s hottest tech sectors, including financial technology and medical technology. They plan to lease between 8k and 9k SF, which they will use as a co-working space. The Alpharetta Tech Commission is also planning a separate incubator space that will focus on mobile technology and innovations. The mobile-focus incubator is expected to be about 3,500 SF.

Outside of the Alpharetta Tech Commission, privately-funded incubator Emergence – Georgia Medical Accelerator will take roots along Windward Parkway. The incubator will offer 2, 12-week accelerator programs per year and will focus on health IT and medical device companies. Emergence will take between 4 and 8 start-ups per bootcamp session; all companies must have a patent-protected technology, an initial round of funding, a dedicated team working on the project, and a prototype for testing. Companies that take part in the bootcamp have the opportunity to receive $50,000 in funding in exchange for 10% equity. Mobile Monday Atlanta, a non-profit organization focused on the wireless industry, is also planning an incubator and accelerator program in Alpharetta. Like the smaller of the Alpharetta Tech Commission projects, Mobile Monday Atlanta’s program will focus on mobile and wireless technology.

Alpharetta seems to have found its niche in the Atlanta tech market. Midtown and Buckhead have historically attracted the young entrepreneurial talent from Georgia Tech with an exciting combination of in-town living and the chance to collaborate with like-minded people, but what about the older entrepreneurs with families and homes and no interest in living the “apartment life” in the bustling city? Alpharetta is looking to be a haven for those people. The city of Alpharetta believes that it is the perfect place for start-ups, given the over 600 tech companies, large and small, that are currently operating out of the city. Some of Alpharetta’s biggest tech corporations are:

E Trade

Verint Systems


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