AirWatch Sells for $1.5 Billion

vmware and airwatch

AirWatch, the mobile device management company that made headlines in 2012 for absorbing an incredible amount of office space in the Central Perimeter submarket, has been sold to Silicon-Valley based VMware for $1.5 billion. VMware will pay $1.175 billion up front in cash and make about $365 million in installment payments. By acquiring AirWatch, VMware will be able to expand their product and service offerings and strengthen their overall portfolio?

But what about all those jobs we were promised? In 2012, AirWatch Chairman Alan Dabbierre made a statement that the firm would hire as many as 800 people – which they did. Towards the end of 2013, he mentioned that they planned on creating an additional 400 jobs in coming years. How will this acquisition affect those figures? Sources from VMware say it won’t, and that they expect the growth of their new division to continue at the same rate that it has been. In fact, they are already looking to expand and/or relocate in the Central Perimeter to make room for a growing workforce.


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