880 W Peachtree Building Set for Demolition

880 w peachtree

Dozens of developers are planning apartment projects in Midtown, which is presenting a problem common to places like NYC and DC but unfamiliar in Atlanta – developers are running out of room. Most available parcels and parking lots have been scooped up and designated for development over the past couple of years, and those developers interested in being a part of this development cycle are having to get creative. Some firms are evening going as far to demolish existing buildings to make room for their new developments.

Trammel Crow is one of them.

Trammel Crow Residential has announced its plan to demolish the office building at 880 W Peachtree, the current home to law firm Drew Eckl & Farnham, and building 350 apartment units in its place. The plans for the 22-story tower have already undergone initial review by the Midtown Development Review Committee. Trammel Crow is hoping that the location’s proximity to MARTA and other walkable amenities will draw interest from potential tenants.


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