14th Street Playhouse Sold to SCAD

14th Street Playhouse

Two mainstays of the Atlanta arts community have further deepened their relationship with the purchase/sale of the 14th Street Playhouse. Woodruff Arts Center sold the Midtown theater to SCAD for $1.9 million, sources report. SCAD’s enrollment has increased dramatically over the past few years and decided to take ownership of the building to better accommodate and serve film and television degree majors. The relationship between the two entities began when SCAD built their 84,000 SF student housing center as well as their state-of-the-art sculpting studio on the grounds of the Woodruff Arts Center.

Woodruff Arts Center plans on reinvesting the $1.9 million from the sale into the Atlanta art community. Woodruff plans on gifting $1 million of the proceeds to The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, which will create and manage a fund for theater and dance organizations and companies. The remaining $900,000 will be used by Woodruff to create programs designed for artist in multiple artistic disciplines.


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