$1 Billion in Infrastructure Upgrades for Cobb, New Braves Location


The first of about $1 billion in infrastructure improvements broke ground this past Friday near the site of the proposed Braves stadium in Cobb County. This particular section of the infrastructure improvement project will focus on expanding US-41 from 4 to 6 lanes from Paces Mill to Akers Mill; this expansion is expected to cost close to $35 million. Of the $35 million, $3.2 million will come from the Cumberland Community Improvement District (Cumberland CID), the GDOT and Cobb County will pick up the rest. A similar project replacing the old US-41 bridge over the Chattahoochee is already underway. Both project should be completed by 2017.

These improvements have been planned for many years, but the time table has no doubt been accelerated by the Braves’ announcement early last month. When city officials were asked if the road improvements were a result of the Braves’ impending move to Cobb, they said that the Braves chose Cobb because of the improvements, and not the other way around.

Cobb County has elected to contribute $300 million towards the new stadium and surrounding entertainment area – so where is all of this money coming from? $276 of the $300 million is coming from revenue bonds backed by the reallocation of existing tax revenues, a tax increase on businesses in the area, and increased taxes on hotel rooms and rental cars.


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